July 23, 2024

enormous. No matter what the circumstance, our guys never falter, as we constantly preach. What a fantastic response from our guys. From a group as experienced as ours, what more could you ask for?

Regarding the past three weeks and the difficulties

The most important thing is really to just try to keep our attention on the task at hand. Holding on to the important thing, important thing, as our guys say. Keeping a limited perspective on the future. Putting the past behind us and trying our hardest each and every day to improve and seize the moment. refusing to glance outward to see what people are saying. We are aware of the contents of that building, so maintaining our unity as a group is crucial.item for us.

Regarding the playcalling

We prepare for this game 365 days a year, players, by the way they practise and perform. It’s not something we draw up that week, and it’s not a one-week affair. All I really can say is that it’s something that’s carefully thought out.

Attempting a pass on the fourth down

Come on, let’s go. And that’s it. This week, the players just practised so brilliantly. It’s similar to first down when you practise well and are confident in their ability to perform at a high level. We told them we wanted to attack it and we were going to be aggressive, and those guys went out there and gave it their all.

Regarding his pre-game conversations with Jim Harbaugh

The most important thing he told me was that he loved me and did me. I said the same thing to him. We have his back, and I adore him. We’ve got his back and would stop at nothing to help him, as I stated in the interview. Both the coaches and the players would run through a wall for him. All we want to do is win this game for him.

Regarding Zak Zinter’s harm

It was really challenging. After spending four years with a player, or just with these guys in general, you don’t want to see any of them suffer any kind of injury. It was challenging. particularly a young player of his calibre both on and off the pitch,especially off the pitch. Such a wonderful person, athlete, and student. After speaking with his mother for a short while, I believe we have some encouraging news. He will recover and eventually be prepared to travel.

Right guard Karsen Barnhart is on

Moving Karsen in there and moving Trente out there felt like the best move, and it worked out well, just because we’re always talking about the sixth-best guys, the five-best guys, whoever it is at that point in the game.

Regarding Alex Orji’s arrival

It was organised. That was a backup plan that we had prepared. To keep people off-balance, we always have different things going on, different wrinkles. I thought it would be a good play, and it turned out to be something they hadn’t seen all year.

During the RB pass

These plays, which are a selection of the 500 plays I have in there, occasionally just have to be seen. Thatwas among them. I believe everyone has seen that one from 2018 or so; you’ve just been hanging out. We have a capable running back with throwing ability. arrived at the appropriate time.

When J.J. McCarthy passed for a touchdown

I was like, ahh, oh, it’s J.J! I anticipated that he would act. Before the game, I told him, “Listen here, I know you’re going to make great decisions and help us win,” so when the game matters and we’re in tight situations, I’m going to put the ball in your hands. One of your guys, that one over there, this one, or one of the other guys, you’re going to find. I am aware of his mental state, particularly during those crucial downs. He discovered those guys, and the play he wrote—as well as the plays of the other guys up here—was simply incredible.

Regarding outstanding matters

Everything, I believe. The energy in this building, in our building, and in the player’s room is insane. ecstatic to win the match, even though they were favourites. They are excited to travel to Indianapolis the following week; they know the area well, and we will be facing a formidable opponent. Still, we’d like to go win that. We won’t stop at simply taking that victory. We will keep pursuing our larger objectives as well as all of the other objectives we have worked so hard to achieve. These guys have merited the chance to visit those locations and compete. I’m so happy for these children up here.

The last three victories without Jim Harbaugh end the debate about unfair advantage.

I have a lot to say, but all I know is that this team is as good as any in the nation, and they seem to prove it each and every week. I’m going to stop there.

Regarding if he experienced any additional stress this week

Never apply too much pressure. Our players don’t put you under pressure with the way they prepare and approach the game. You feel incredibly confident in your abilities and well-prepared. My daughter putting her foot in my face is the only thing that could keep me from sleeping well. That’s all there is to it. These don’t keep me up at night.Guys, they assault everything every day and work too hard. This game is familiar to us. You want that when this game comes around. You come here for this game and the pressure, that’s why. It incites us to charge through a wall and assault it. This week, nothing new was added there.

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